back from Kolding – DANISH FLY FESTIVAL – 4. & 5. MARCH 2017 – fly tier pics

A big thanks to the Danish GFF for again organising an impressive event. It was fantastic and we´re already looking forward to the next one.

Konstanse and I had a wonderful time. It was busy, not as busy as the previous one but still very very busy. After 700km of driving from Oslo we arrived Friday night around midnight and slapt in our mini-camper we call “postman”. We just love our little red Kangoo.

Next morning we had break fast on the house. and wondered around a bit. What a show . So many exhibitors and casting pools and flytiers … it is almost too much to take in. After a quick lunch we sat down at the fly tiers tables and started tying. Konstanse got a lot of attention for her semi-realistic nymphs. I on the other hand showed very very simple flies. It was good collaboration and we were able to show the spectrum of complexity in trout flies.

Saturday evening was crowned by a luxurious three course meal sponsored by the organisers of the festival.

On Sunday we continued our tying / tuition work until lunchtime. We had another two hours to wonder about on the show floor and meet and greet some of the nicest people in the trade. Sadly we had to leave by 14:00 on Sunday to catch a ferry. The tri back did not go as smooth as we hit a blizzard in Sweden, which forced us to stay overnight at a parking place besides the highway. However, we made it home save, but tired. Very tough on Konstanse as she had to work on Monday. Never the less we agree that we´d go again to the 2019 festival, should we be invited.

Below a few impressions of all the mad people out there ….


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