Ever wanted to learn fly fishing and/or tie your own flies?

Flyfishing & tying is a fantastic way to enhance your nature experience. Find out what the fish feed on and imitate this with fur, feather and all sort of other materials and present this to the fish.  All tuition includes extensive course materials and documentation. For club / shop workshops we provide slideshows to be shown at the customers premises.

Our method is proven and based on a very high fun factor. You just need to be motivated and willing to learn. Course languages can be English, Norwegian or German. We run classes for beginners and advanced tiers alike. Our aim is to teach you techniques and basic which enable you to tie whatever pattern you come across.

beginner course set 1 and 2

three evenings of 2 hours each
In Set 1 basic fly tying techniques are taught and the first flies for trout and grayling tied. Set 2 is for the little advanced fly tier who either has partcipated in set 1 or has previous experience. However, you may want to sign in to brush up your technique.

workshops – 3 to 4 hours per set

In the workshops special techniques and patterns are taught. This program is aimed at the experienced fly tier who is looking for the „new“.

special arrangements

As the name suggests – I can offer to cater specificly for your individual, club or fishing group needs.

fly fishing courses

can be arranged for indivdual begginners and groups.
This program aims to give a deeper insight into the
method of flyfishing, fish biology and basic entomolgy.
Basic casting and equipment is a smaller part of this program.
Please contact specific casting instructors for tuitition.
I am happy helping you to find the right one in your area.

please contact us via