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sea trout flies – KRAMPA  

some more Seatrout flies …

I hope you liked the tying instructions for the “Klympen” & the “Vaskebjørn”. The “Krampa” is another take on the “Klympen” fly. the difference is how you use the dubbing loop. There os other version with CDC, but I prefer to use this dubbing loop technique.

CDC is expensive and not as flexible in it´s use – I think.
Anyway … this fly is also a good example on how this “spilt thread dubbing loop” can work. I would say this opens a myriad of options.


There are many more videos on this fly on the “net” – speciflicly the ones fom Eivind Berulfsen are very detailed.


sea trout flies – KLYMPEN

Seatrout flies …

I hope you liked the tying instructions for the Vaskebjørn. Another very effective, but even more simple fly is the “Klympen” — This pattern can look very different depending on who you ask.

Originally a danish fly named after a fishing spot for imaginary seatrout emerged into something rather different looking. It´s simple to tie and very effective. I tie them in orange, black and green to cater for various water and light conditions.

However, finding the fish is the key … some are having issues and call seatrout fishing imaginary … others (like Bernd & Lars) are more successful – sorry Paul.

There are many more videos on this fly on the “net” – speciflicly the ones fom Eivind Berulfsen are very detailed.

Deer Hair Caddis

t.z. | Friday, 15 April 2016

The DHC is maybe the most fished dry fly pattern ever. The famous deer hair caddis. It´s not exaggerated to say that one can get away with fishing only this type of fly in various sizes and colours almost exclusively. It represents all and everything ….. However, tying with deer hair takes a bit of practice before one gets it right. It pays off to learn the pinching loop.

I little blast from the past. I took these pictures many years ago. My tying has hopefully advanced since, but it was a start of sharing fly tying with other via the internet. So give this a try yourself. I know the fly on the pics look far from super nice or perfect. But it catches like mad, that I know.

Deer Hair Caddis

standard dry fly hook

lie a thread base and form a dubbing loop with thread

This we have not doen before.
Basically it is making an extra loop with the the tying thread.
I have since learned to split the thread. It´s easier I think.

spinn seals fur in the dubbing loop

wind the seals fur on to the hook counterclockwise
secure this by ribbing the body with your tying thread clockwise

snipp off the dubbing loop remains and secure with afew wraps


snipp off a few fibres of deer hair

and measure the length you need

trade hands and snipp off the deer hair

hold the hair over the hook as shown

and bring the thread
up between you thumb and the pinched material
amd down on the other side

This creates a loop areound the material which you hold (pinch) between your fingers.
Repeat the process three or four times.

let go of the matrial just a little bit by stretching your fingers.
Than pull down on the loop you have woven around the material 3 / 4 times.

this sets the deer hair wing nicely in place

secure with afew wraps through the deer hair head and finish with a whip finish

fly form the side

the top

and from under

Good luck with the pattern and tight lines!